The Current State of our Dining Room

First off, it has been snowing like crazy all afternoon and I am so excited!

It is so beautiful :)

And I don't have anywhere to go today so I can enjoy it without having to worry about driving on it!

Anyways, I mentioned last post that I would be sharing my dining room with you soon.

I have some great before-before shots (photos of the dining room when we bought it)

But I can't find any before photos (photos of the dining room after we painted it but before the tornado)

There is still a lot of things that need to be done in this room.

Most of all a new table and chairs.

And a whole lot of other stuff since it is kind of empty right now.

But here it is:

We got this table for next to nothing at a garage sale and I was planning on painting the legs on the 

bench white to match the rest of the table, but I never got around to it. :) Whoops!

But I very much dislike the color of the wood on the table with the color of the floor

and I would just paint the table, but I don't even really like it, so....

New table it is! (of course we must first find said table)

I am thinking of either a large round or square table. Big enough to seat eight.

I think round and square tables are so much better for conversation.

And it would work better in our dining room too.

And now for some before photos of when we first bought the house. 

(The former owner was still living here at the time of the photos)

Lovely huh?

Notice the lovely peach wall color and the not at all outdated trim.

When we first moved in, we painted all of the walls and trim a pretty shade of white.

We also planned on taking out the carpet and replacing the floors, but had not yet got around to it.

Don't even get me started on that pink!

The closet there was an awkward coat closet that was almost too tiny to put any coats in

and the cabinets next to it was the pantry.

If you remember, way back in June Adam and I ripped out the pantry and closet and turned it into

an actual working pantry. (Click here for that post)

You can see part of the pantry here, and if you notice above it we made the top part into storage space

instead of an awkward nook.

I am not planning on leaving it open like it is now, but I have the perfect old doors in mind that I 

want to use, but I need to find first!

Do you see that picture by our Barn Light Electric light?

I just got it this weekend at IKEA and I am pretty smitten with it. :)

Anyways, if you notice in the before shots, the walls used to be paneling.

After I painted them white, I really loved the look, but after the tornado we had the option of 

doing the paneling again or drywalling, and I knew if we were planning on reselling that

drywalling would be the smarter option.

We also removed the wood burning stove from the corner since we knew we would never use it

and we replaced all of the windows.

Which also meant we lost the cool triangle windows on each side 

of the room up at the top because of there horrible energy loss :(

Lastly, my favorite part of the remodeled room:

My beautiful reclaimed wood floors!

These were a bit of a splurge, but Adam and I were very blessed with the insurance coverage for the 

house after the tornado so we thought we might as well go with these.

I LOVE them!! :)

So that is the current state of our dining room, but there is so much more to do!

Like I said we are on the look out for our new table and chairs,

I have an exciting idea for the far empty corner,

and another project for one of the side walls you can't really see in these photos.

So stay tuned, and I would love any ideas for this room!

God Bless!


Arlene said...

What a beautiful tranquil room. I love your floors. I want a barn light fixture to. We will be remodeling our kitchen / dining rooms this year so maybe I'll go with a light fixture like yours. I love your home!

Sara @ thesherlockshome said...

I love your wall color and trim, and those floors are amazing!

Kristine said...

It is all so pretty! I really, really, really like your floors. They are great!

Frugal Home Designs said...

Thoses floors are BEAUTIFUL!!! What is your wall color?

Cortney said...

Wow, those before pictures are a little scarey :) You've done such an awesome job at fixing it all up!
I am in love with those floors- completely gorgeous!

Melissa said...

I really enjoy the way the picture looks in your room.

High Street Cottage said...

Jenna, I'm so happy for you. It looks amazing so far! That soft cottage blue sets such a calming mood too. So glad you're getting things back in place. I think your well stocked pantry is one of my favorite posts. I have never had a pantry, but I have all my jars ready to go when I do get one. I have been thinking of a stand alone one, to go in my dining room some how some way lol. We'll see. Have a wonderful week, my dear, xoxo tami

Melissa said...

Love your work! I am in love with your wall color...do you happen to remember what it is! I need to use that exact color it is to die for!!!

Deb said...

Your dining room looks great already Jenna and I love your floors too! ~Deb~

beth said...

Beautiful room!! Those floors are absolutely amazing!!!
I just popped over here from your sister's blog. Glad I did! I'm your newest follower! :)

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Looks GREAT! I LOVE the wall color - what color is it and who makes it?

Buttercup said...

Jenna, I have fallen in love with the color of your walls! Would you mind sharing the brand/color? Thanks so much!

Kathy Carbone said...

Way better than before, Jenna! I like how bright your dining looks now. Bright colors are in trend this year, as I researched yesterday. We're looking for floor stores this week -- house renovation is really exciting! Your hardwood floor matches the light-colored wall. Nice!

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